Micromarketing in 2010

How to do Micromarketing in 2010:

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Andre Yap, founder of Ripple100, the world’s first app built for micromarketing. He created my video to help me promote my business.

What is micromarketing?

Micromarketing was a term coined in 1988, by Ross Nelson Kay, as a marketing technique used to describe a form of “Target” marketing that was more precise and focused than typical “Niche” Marketing techniques.  “Micromarketing” remains the most effective technique for small business users to sustain, build and grow their own brand. “Micromarketing” was first implemented in the real estate industry and remains imbedded in small personal service based businesses. (via Wikipedia)

Andre coordinates a bi-weekly Twitter chat with a variety of themes, questions and ideas with people from all over that can add their comments at anytime.

Andre states, “it’s a 140-character powow with a singular goal: how to start micromarketing in 2010 and never stop. Every other week we dive into 60 minutes of micromarketing how-to’s. Not concepts, not thought leadership, not guru talk. Just how-to–stuff you can do now. Every week we’ll pick a focal point: micromarketing for restaurants, micromarketing for political campaigns, micromarketing for holidays like Valentine’s, micromarketing for women audiences, and so on.”

Join us on Twitter:

Next #mm2010 is Wednesday, 14 April 2010. The  live event in New Haven at 12noon followed by the Twitter forum starts 1:00 pm EST

If you’re in the services business, this event is for, with, and by professionals just like you:

  • Rick Taft guides high net worth families about buying a business
  • Derek Koch develops software for and with startups
  • Diane Sullivan brings Pilot Pen Tennis caliber marketing to local biz
  • Jeff Block advices companies that need but don’t have a CFO
  • Sherry Boyd fills seasonal and ad hoc needs of retail management
  • Brian Schwartz helps you find and live your Career DNA
  • Sib Law produces video features for biz and entertainment
  • Patricia Vener turns broken jewelry into wearable art (wow!)
  • Paul Bloom designs bespoke furniture + fixtures for high-end homes
  • Bruce Clinton finds talent and direction for 10-20 person org’s
  • Isaiah Cooper finds practical legal fixes for complex biz deals
  • Jaymes Grace educates and markets the new + growing
  • Rob Renahan heals the knots in your body, mind, soul
  • Chris Makell helps soloprenuers transition into the biz they love
  • Joe Buhler keeps travel merchants relevant on social web
  • Janice Christopher guides people in creating their ideal life
  • Paul Malafronte translates web tech into common understanding
  • More guests (and video previews) coming soon!

This is a combo online-offline event. Live field study with our guests @ Bru Cafe New Haven. Live reporting of field study findings and open forum via Twitter hashtag #mm2010. Topics include:

  • Issues: challenges of selling the intangible ca. 2010
  • Opportunities: ways to make your services more tangible
  • Examples: live cases – what’s working in services marketing

Rules of engagement – pretty standard for twitter chat:

  1. Join, follow, and post via twitter hashtag #mm2010.
  2. Keep tweets on-point – we’ll post theme and discussion points ahead of each chat.
  3. Follow pre- and post-session activities via Ripplecast 2010’s #mm2010 Series.
*Hashtags: Because Twitter provided no easy way to group tweets or add extra data, the Twitter community came up with their own way: hashtags.  A hashtag helps add tweets to a category.  Hashtags have the ‘hash’ or ‘pound’ symbol (#) preceding the tag, like so: #traffic, #followfriday, #hashtag.  Hashtags can occur anywhere in the tweet.

Hope to hear from you soon. Comments and suggestions for new topics are always welcome.


Best, -di






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