Use TweetDeck for Social Media?…Twitter is making changes

What changes are Twitter making?

Twitter have announced that they are going to stop supporting “basic authentication” in the Twitter API, in favour of a new, more secure system by June 2010.

Desktop users MUST upgrade to version v0.33 or higher as soon as possible.

If you are not using at least v0.33 by the time basic authentication is turned off, you will not be able to access your Twitter account via TweetDeck.

For iPhone and iPad users, we will issue an update very soon which will replace the basic authentication process with xAuth, as used in the latest desktop versions, which will allow you to continue working after the switch-off.


Right, so in summary…?

  1. Upgrade your desktop TweetDeck to the latest available version as soon as possible
  2. Follow @tweetdeck and @richardbarley for further news about iPhone and iPad updates
  3. Dont forget, ALL Twitter clients will be affected by this change, so if you use other clients as well, they will likely also have to change. Check with the application authors for more details

Thanks to Tweetdeck and Richard Barley for this information




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